Living in the hills of Holly Springs, North Carolina, the Griffin clan are a peaceful folk.  We consist of Papa Greg, Momma Sharon, "lil" Adam, "hurricane" Katie and "no problem" Noah.  Theres a bounty of extended family as well but I aint real good with names so you'll have to look at the pictures.  We enjoy each other, the sound of running water and appreciate the conveniences of cold storage.  We are woodsman (pioneers if you will) by birth, but ever since we found we live within 15 miles of 6 grocery stores, we have succumbed to gravity a bit faster than most of our ilk.  All of the photos on this site are original and as hard as it is to believe, did not involve a professional or a studio.  We hope you enjoy your stay here and also that you will remember that flushing is a privilege, not a right.  
Griffin Family Photos
{a big fat slice of Americana}
Lil' Adam!!!